Peter CS Lee is a Vancouver based Cinematographer focused on capturing evocative stories. His empathetic style of cinematography focuses on compositions that communicate emotions and lighting that is naturalistic, yet enhanced to emphasize tone. Whether it be a narrative film, commercial, documentary or music video, Peter is committed to using his skills and expertise to bring the director's vision to life in a way that accurately and respectfully portrays the characters and storylines being depicted on screen. He values the importance of authenticity in his work and strives to capture the essence of his subjects with honesty and sensitivity.
Clients: Grosvenor Group, Rennie, Bosa Properties, Alex S Yu, Daceytheband
Festivals:  New York Fashion Week 2022, Berlin Commercial, Reelworld Toronto, Local Sightings, Whistler, MAMM 16, MAMM 17, and more.
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